Shai Alexander Tsitrin

, Principal Recruitment Consultant/Team Leader, Computer Futures Solutions - Amsterdam, the Netherlands (business partner)

“This letter is to talk about my professional experience of working with Arnoud Kromhout van der Meer, which dates back to 2002. Over the years Arnoud has proven himself to be a true professional with an exceptional attention to detail in everything he does. On top of his professionalism Arnoud is also simply a very pleasant person, with a notable urge for understanding and accommodating the needs of all stakeholders involved in any given situation. Arnoud was a client of mine and it was a joy to work with him! I enjoyed working with and providing service to Arnoud in the past and welcome working with him in the future, which makes me confident that he will provide you and your organisation with an exceptional service and deliverables. Arnoud is a real asset to any organisation and I have no doubt in recommending him both as a professional as well as a person. Kind regards, Shai Alexander Tsitrin” September 1, 2009



Maurice Hirschhaut

, Owner, Interned1 B.V. (business partner)

“Arnoud Kromhout van der Meer. A man with a royal name and a loyal heart. We go back a long time. 30 years. When we first met we were friends in music. And as soon as we met, we knew this was for life. Arnoud is someone you can always count on. When he makes a promise you know it's a done deal. He is intelligent, trustworthy, highly musical talented and a trendsetter in business. Don't hesitate to do business with Arnoud. You won't regret it. You R the man Arnoud!” July 15, 2009



Astrid Banen

,  Account Manager at HSO


“ Nice Guy!!!”


Matthew Johnson, Chief Strategy Officer Innoveer Solutions, talks to Arnoud Kromhout van der Meer